About Us

Why ? How ? What ?

An economic environment endured by everybody.

Askheem conception is coming from an obvious observation. The current world is going through deep changes : « economic, social, environmental ». At a global level, digital revolution is leading to an economic revolution, locally translated into a gloomy and stricken context.

This movement is accelerating and leads to the loss of numerous jobs. Unemployment is increasing, limiting purchasing power. Local trade is directly affected.

People in difficulty are convinced that they fell in a vicious circle, from where you cannot escape unless you are very lucky : job insecurity, unemployment, drop in contributions and pensions, blocked professional careers, impossible raises, outsourcing, nothing will be the same.

An increasing isolation at any age

At the same time, small businesses are disappearing, along with neighborhood life.

Human relations are becoming rare, social link is disappearing in favor of digital exchanges, which are more and more common.

It’s difficult to fight against those evolutions, indeed they bring daily progress: more comfort, easier exchanges, longer life in better health, machines to perform repetitive or dangerous tasks.

Technological innovations erupted over the last few years with smartphone democratization, but also instant messaging, mobile apps and obviously, social networks.

A solution at your fingertips

At ASKHEEM, we think that, instead of protesting against this unavoidable movement, we should rather develop tools offered by that revolution and using them as efficient ways to blossom, personally and professionally.

The endless possibilities offered by apps allow us to adapt to this new professional environment at microeconomic level, and to cope with the overwhelming domination of multinational companies.

Many obstacles during job hunting should give way to choose your job. Thus, it’s not about getting out of the system but rather fit in, by creating value, for oneself, but also for the others.

Choosing a professional future

The development of digital economy is based on one requirement: earning more to keep independence and self-esteem: “I work therefore I am”. The sharing economy appears, and talents can be expressed to improve service provision.

Thanks to many specialized apps, henceforth I can become a driver, a painter, an hotelier or a storekeeper.

Opportunities are increasing and I become what I choose to be. I become my own boss by mobilizing myself for another, I make my input to my own success and I keep my independence.

Indeed, this sharing economy became the economy of all of us. We cannot ignore the societal aspect of this deep mutation. We are players and also the driving force.

We all have a responsibility and we think that giving someone a new chance to be fulfilled, it’s giving everybody more than a chance to achieve his life.

If ASKHEEM is smart, it’s because you have talent.

With ASKHEEM we gathered our forces in order to create a tool designed for everyone, connecting all demands with all answers.

Professionals and individuals own the best world of mouth tool in their pocket: their mobile phone.

  • You need something, say it!
  • You have a talent, use it!
  • You have skills, share it !

ASKHEEM is a connecting tool, creating value and social ties.

We think that in the future, one of the main creations of economic value will be based on service and proximity.

From a B2B and B2C economy, we are massively moving to an economy for person to person. Those trades can be developed between amateurs, individuals or professionals, for a main activity or just additional income.


Time sharing is the rising value of the digital economy of today and tomorrow.

ASKHEEM, the universal tool of specialists

The one who decides to take time for someone else, is his own boss and form strong, lasting and facilitated commercial relationships, within a community, created by ASKHEEM.

Smartphones, tablets and connected objects are tools creating bridges between people with an immediate answer and a secured payment.

Before, we had to wait for a taxi, now our driver is welcoming us!

Before, we were looking for a restaurant? Now a chef comes at home and cooks in our kitchen!

We were looking for a mower in our neighborhood? Now our neighbor comes to take care of our garden!

I immediately need a locksmith? The closest and the most skilled opens our door.

This trusting relationship within the community creating a social tie between people, is completely changing our way of “consuming”, to give way to a much stronger link: A link between the right people, motivated and hard-working.

The will to give again a link between the right people is essential for ASKHEEM.

Work is rewarded for what it’s really worth thanks to a mandatory rating system, shared between the person who makes the request and the one who fulfills it.

ASKHEEM it’s the strength of rallying a community beyond social or generational barriers.

By bringing people together, we create unlikely and surprising links. That’s also social progress.

ASKHEEM, the right link between the right people.